Helge Sverre

Partner & Lead Developer at Guilty AS

Microsoft Certified Professional · Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Passionate web developer who love learning new things, building modern websites with Craft CMS and SaaS apps with Laravel.


Laravel · Tailwind CSS · VueJS

CronJewrb is a tool that lets developers schedule a webhook "in the cloud", by specifiying a cron expression, URL and HTTP method, the tool will then store every response.


Laravel · Bulma CSS · SaaS

MergeSignature is a productivity tool for developers who need to create a large number of HTML email signatures for their clients with the same design and layout, but with different contact information.


Laravel · SaaS · Multi-tenant

Utleiesystem.no is a norwegian SaaS solution built for car and equipment rental companies that manages your rentals, gives you an easy overview over rented entities, allows for easy contract generation and manages invoices for you.


Slim Framework · Stripe Connect Integrasjon

Vacym.no is a web application where gyms could register and add their franchice locations and allow customers to pay for a day or week training pass, the application was built ontop of Stripe connect and generated QR tickets for the customers.


Bulma CSS · Web Scraping · Lead Generator

ErDuSynlig.no is a marketing tool that lets the visitor enter their business domain and a keyword, the application will then crawl google and list the search results and give you a rating of your SERP, uses proxy rotation and DOMCrawler.