All-stack Developer, Workaholic, Compulsive side-hustler.

Experienced developer located in Bergen, Norway 🇳🇴 with over 10+ years of experience. Passionate about building web apps with Laravel and the TALL-stack.

Launched multiple side-projects and worked in startups, corporates, and web agencies. 🚀

Currently I'm building ChatFlow, an AI chatbot builder that uses your website content as it's knowledge base.

Crescat ASCurrent
VP of Engineering
2023 Now

Building collaborative event management software for venues, festivals, and event professionals. Streamlining event management with features like day sheets, checklists, reporting, and crew member booking.

Chief Technology Officer
2020 2023

In charge of development of an E-commerce price monitoring and email automation backend, utilized OpenAI for email receipt parsing, built hundreds web web scrapers for various stores, and chrome extension for price comparisons.

2023 Now

Built a block-based page builder using Laravel, Livewire, Filament, and Laravel Vapor that enabled the sales team to sell and develop template-based websites at a rapid pace. Supports unlimited tenants, automatic SSL generation and integration with for importing sales listings.

2021 Now

Coded builds B2B Saas applications, our current projects are BoatFlow and Reflow. BoatFlow offers comprehensive solutions for boat service companies, while Reflow simplifies work orders and CRM for blue-collar businesses.

Partner & Lead Developer
2016 2020

Responsible for mentoring the development team, estimate development projects, build and architect web applications, mobile apps and websites built on Flutter, Laravel, VueJS & Craft CMS.

System Developer
2014 2026

Developed multi-tenant SaaS software using C# and .NET, incorporating modern software architecture principles like CQRS, EventSourcing, Microservices, and Domain Driven Development.