All-stack Developer, Workaholic, Compulsive side-hustler.

My first job was a backend developer for a SaaS startup called Fronttek, the company was acquired by the private equity backed firm ABAX, where I continued on as a system developer for 9 months, before I got bored of working for corporate overlords.

I soon after joined a small web agency called [Guilty](, as their second developer, after a short while I was promoted to partner and lead developer. I helped build up the technical roadmap of the company by picking Craft CMS as our preferred CMS, and for a year built most of the early projects on my own. I later did heavy lifting on customer projects (integrations and complex features), and mentored new employees in the company.

After 3 years at Guilty I got bored of time-tracking and customer-centric projects, and got the opportunity to join Tjommi as their CTO, Tjommi does a lot of things I find interesting, namely web scraping, automation and mobile apps.

On the Side-business side, I co-founded a company called Coded AS with a previous freelance client and a designer, where we build B2B focused SaaS applications for small businesses in Norway, currently we have two profitable SaaS products; and

My preferred tech stack is the TALL stack, consisting of Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire, for mobile apps I am quite fond of Flutter, Vue.js is also my preferred frontend framework for SPAs, for hosting and deployment I prefer using Laravel Vapor and Vercel.