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Workcenter 7232 Fuser Problems.. Again.. ._.

So on Wednesday I got an angry phone call from our lovely users all the way at the other end of the facility, complaining about the FUCKING USELESS printer that always has problems, be it the fuser, the paper, or the fact that people use it as a "sticky labels"-printer!

This time it was the fuser... again -_-* And you know what happens when the fuser fucks up?


So i have to drag out what is left of the horribly abused and raped paper ._. ....

Poor little paper :(

And if that is not bad enough, someone....(stares judgmental around the room) managed to break off a piece on the fuser T_T!!!!

I mean seriously, how in the name of *insert name of omnipotent deity here* do you manage to break off parts of a printer....

So I walked all the way over there, in the freezing cold... in the snow... :( I walk up the stairs to the offices and into the printer room, and open her up, tell the people who the printer is fucked and I need to order parts, and since its Wednesday... the last day before Norway's Easter holiday(read "No Mail"-days") I probably wouldn't get the parts before Tuesday...

This did not please the angry mob of printer-destroyers, and demanded i fix the piece of shit printer, but since I am not a certified MacGyver I could not create a printer part out of socks and gum, so i had to ask them nicely to be patient and use the other printer in the office.

Oh how fun it will be to come to work on Tuesday..

Pray for me guys ._.