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Donate.Coffee - Idea for a Donation Service

So I bought a .coffee domain last night.

My opinion on the new gTLD's (Generic Top Level Domains, .com, .net etc) has been that they released a lot of them too quickly, this caues a massive influx in the domain market, mostly dominated by douchy "businesses" that make money by registering "premium" domain names(one word .com's like, before anyone else, then reselling those domains at a large profit.

Not only does this causes frustration with business owners and private individuals who would like to have "" or whatever random domain they might think of in the heart of the moment, for their website, webapp, email or whatever and when they go to check if it's available, they are presented with the grey screen of "FOR SALE FOR 12 BILLION DOLLAZ MAUHAWHRAHWRAHWR"-death. (image)

It also hurts the internet and web as a whole, by slowly and steadily "murdering" great website potential by buying up great domains and just sitting on them forever, demanding an arbitrary premium price for something they bought for $11 bucks(or less), I think its wrong, and I despise the entire domain industry as a whole.


My Idea for Donate.Coffee

I grabbed Donate.Coffee, as i though it was a clever and cool domain, I am planning to make it into a Donation service, kind of like (Which I actually translated to Norwegian) created by NightDev, although my version will not be very fancy nor focused at live streamers directly.

The site will allow pretty much anyone to make an account, set their username and paypal email, click save, and be ready to go. I was thinking that the donation url for users would be:**username.\*\*

This will give me practice in working with API's, Databases, user registration as well as marketing a free service.

When will it be completed?

Honestly, I have no idea, But probably before the year is over.

EDIT (22.09.2015): Nope, never got around to doing it, sorry.